This Beautiful New Adventure

April 25, 2018

Welcome, friends! I’m Jordan Leffel (the owner of Jordan Leffel Photography) and I’m so excited to share this new journey with you, and before I begin this crazy story I want to tell you THANK YOU. Whether you stumbled upon my website out of curiosity, or have been my greatest support and fan through the process of getting to where I am today- I am so grateful. I’m grateful for your time and your willingness to view my website and blog.

I have always been “memories obsessed”. I relish in special moments and want them to pause in time. I’m notorious for being a little late to places I go (oopsie!), but I truly believe it’s because I never want to leave the moments I’m in. For the most part, I’m an advocate for not spoiling precious moments with an i-phone, but instead keeping them. However I have found, through the art of good photography, a blessing in looking back at a season in life I held so dear to my heart.

I became crazy about my first DSLR camera that was gifted to me the Christmas Kyle and I got engaged. I remember my mom and dad sharing with me how they desired for us to have a nice camera to capture this new season of life together; marriage, babies, new friendships, etc. It was in no time that I learned to work it, and I’m sure to the rest of my family and friends demise, I had my camera EVERYWHERE I went! My first birthday present from Kyle, married, was a 4 week photography class that taught composition and shooting in manual mode. Since then I gradually taught myself (through YouTube videos and free online-ed courses) lighting, settings, posing, and all of the ins and outs of taking a good picture.

Nearly a year ago today I decided this was an interest I wanted to truly pursue and see where God takes it! I reached out to my good friend Jenn Plumlee (at and picked her brain at her recent photography business that seemed to be blooming. Friends, if there’s anything that has impacted me most through this process, it’s the incredible community I have found in the photography world. Maybe the community I found in particular is unique- but these women around me have been nothing short of supportive, self-sacrificial in their time (answering all of my millions of questions) and helpful!

I took off and dove in head first shooting for some of our closest friends in Bloomington, the Cazee family. They were so gracious to be my first “clients” and met me in a field with a picnic blanket, hot chocolates, and some of their favorite books! I will always LOVE this family session.

I went on a trip to Cabo, Mexico with some family. My sisters (and their husbands) and my parents let me shoot some couple’s photos. I realized in these sessions how much I loved capturing the emotion and passion of marriage. A photo doesn’t tell it all, but it does tell a lot! I developed a desire to be honest in the way I capture my clients. The authentic, the real.

In mid-March, I attended a workshop with Arielle Peters Photography. It was then that my desire to do wedding photography (and anything in the realm of couples photography) was solidified! The emotion of that day, the beauty, the details, the memories, all of it was just for me. But what really excites me is being a part of someone’s marriage story. My marriage to Kyle is by far the most precious gift God has given me (sometimes a gift I’ve struggled to receive), but God has been writing our beautiful love story for 6 years now and it gets sweeter in time.

I am excited for the several brides I’ve booked already for 2018/2019! Welcome to this new adventure with us, I hope that you would stop in again.



  1. Kelci Kosin (Scott) says:

    Jordan, I am so excited for this journey you are on and I pray that your beautiful story unfolds in wonderful ways! Your website is so feminine and beautiful! You are going to be a phenomenal photographer!

    • Jordan Leffel says:

      Kelci, thank you for your super encouraging comment! I SO appreciate your prayers and feedback! Hope you’re doing well!!

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